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Flexart makes all its products to order. most orders received before 12 noon will ship out the day they were order. All orders received after 12 noon will ship that day if possible or on the next business day. All Customers will be charged a $15.00 surcharge for any wrong shipping addresses that they entered plus the amount UPS charges us for the location that was delivered too. All AIR Shipments ie. (next day air, second day air, third day air) received after the 12 noon cut off time are not guaranteed to go out the same day but we make every attempt to do so depending upon the amount of orders we have received before the AIR order comes in. Most of the time we will get the same day AIR order out the day we receive it and if the order is place by noon. If the AIR order does not go out the day it is received it will definitely go out the next business day. By purchasing from our website you authorize the use of the pens to be used for industrial or commercial use only.  Product may contain chemicals harmful to pregnant women.   DTP (Dyne Test Pens Level 30-56) And All Ink bottles have a six month expiration date and are made to order the day they go out. All .  Customers should call us to see if there Air package will go out that day, if they place it after the cut off time, so they can make changes to there order to insure the delivery time they need.  An order can be cancelled if we are emailed or called within 20 mins of placing the order as we start processing orders right away.  We do not ship by 3rd party accounts. 
All private labels are aware that the boxes are marked under the tab opening of what level the pens are and since the pens have no labels on them, no warranty can be applied. Private labelers must check to ensure accuracy of pens before sending to their customer. ***We must be notified within 48 hours of receipt of bad pens found during receipt for a replacement to be made***
We do guarantee any shipments going to Residential address that are not signed for or physically received by the receiver and left on the porch of the residence by the carrier. If by any chance they are stolen from the porch we are not to be held liable for this and it is up to the person placing the order to have someone available at the residence for the time of the delivery.  The tracking number is always sent to the person entering the order to trace the shipment and date of arrival.